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Furniture Care

Wood & Veneer

Care: Solid woods may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity. Take care not to place your furniture next to radiators or anywhere that is subject to any excessive changes in temperature or moisture. We recommend that all kitchenware and beverages should be placed on mats and any spillages should be wiped up immediately. These materials are also sensitive to light. If they're exposed to sunlight there is a risk of marks or rings appearing on the surface.

Cleaning: To clean the wood finish, wipe with a damp cloth and buff with a dry cloth. In the event of more stubborn marks, a solution of mild detergent should be used on the cloth. Silicone-based polishes should not be used on the wood as they will build up and leave a sticky residue on the surface.


Care: Leather can lighten if it's exposed to direct sunlight, so be careful where it is placed. It can also be damaged if it's exposed to heat so don't put it too close to a radiator.

Cleaning: Minimal care is required to keep leather looking as good as new, although it’s essential that the surface is kept free of dirt and grit, which can have an abrasive, damaging effect — particularly with light colours. You can clean leather using a soft, dry cloth, or a cloth with soapy water for tougher stains. To keep your leather looking its best we recommend you clean it regularly with a leather cleaner. Eco-leather can be wiped down with a wet cloth.


Care: To keep seat cushions looking their best and to help them wear evenly be sure to regularly turn them. Give foam, feather or fibre-filled cushions a shake as often as possible to help them keep their shape. Make sure the feet on your chair or sofa are tightly fastened. Try not to drag them to avoid damage to the feet, or your floor.

Cleaning: Make sure you use the correct cleaning product. Regularly clean the furniture to avoid stains. Fabrics are generally cleaned well with a steamer, but please read the instructions.