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4 reasons why plastic chairs are great

There are many questions to answer when picking out the perfect dining chairs for your home and material choice can often become a main topic of debate

But what about plastic? Plastic dining chairs are chic, economical and popular in the world of modern furniture. This demand has shifted over recent years and has coincided with development and innovation in the production of plastic types, which has significantly advanced in Italy.

Plastic dining chairs can form a resilient, durable and lightweight chair for indoor in dining areas and kitchens, or outdoor in the garden. And inspired by the Vivendo collection, we have documented four key reasons why plastic is fantastic…

1. Durability

Plastic dining chairs are resilient in the weather and typically still look great after years of use, whether indoor or outdoor, thanks to their durability. Polymer and fibreglass plastic designs are particularly renowned for standing the test of time due to the core strength of the material. This is at an advantage to the likes of wood, which often struggles to compete for durability if not solid or curved, and can also scratch easier.

4 reasons why plastic chairs are great, ripa stackable plastic chair by Vivendo

2. Variation

Plastic dining chairs are often sleek and ultra modern, blending style and functionality and encompassing a variety of shapes. With this in mind, as plastic chairs typically feature clean lines and high-gloss textures and finishes, there is usually a range of bold colours in plastic collections. This is often not available with traditional designs that adopt less wide-ranging colours within collections due to material restrictions.

4 reasons plastic chairs are great, Galba plastic dining chair by Vivendo

3. Maintenance

Plastic dining chairs are great for maintaining and keeping in a good condition as they accommodate easy cleaning. An occasional drop of car wax often helps the look, aiding the protection of the surface to keep it looking as good as new. Avoid using an abrasive polish – this can scratch the surface. Plastic is also great if you have children and need to wipe down their leftovers!

4 reasons plastic chairs are great, Ovada Stackable Plastic Dining Chair by

4. Versatility

Indoor or outdoor, plastic dining chairs can be easily transferrable in either environment. Thanks to their resilience in all elements of weather, plastic dining chairs are often a great budget saver as they are moved outside for the summer months. In addition, most plastic chairs are stackable, performing a great storage saving function. And they don’t need to be hidden in the shed in the harsh months thanks to their aforementioned durability and resilience.

4 reasons plastic chairs are great, Patti stackable plastic chair by Vivendo


See the full Vivendo collection of plastic dining chairs here.

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